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Services & Mail-in Repair

Looking for mail-in micro soldering or logic board repairs?

Our professionals at Blair’s Technologies LLC would love to work with you! Most repairs can be completed within 1-2 business days, and all our solutions carry a “no fix = no pay” policy!

Prices for common repairs & services (in USD)

  • iPhone & iPad connector replacements: $60
  • iPhone & iPad no backlight solution: $80
  • iPhone & iPad no charge (U2/tristar) solution: $70
  • iPhone & iPad no image/display solution: $70
  • iPhone 6/6+ no touch solution: $70
  • iPhone & iPad liquid damage data recovery service: From $150
  • Game System HDMI: $65
  • Game System main component Replacement: $80
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair: $100
  • Desktop Motherboard Repair $80
  • Macbook Motherboard Repair $125

How does it work?

Easy! Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Mail your device to us and let us check it in. (1330 W 9th St, Anderson, IN 46016)
  2. Print off our mail in form on the mail in form tab
  3. We perform an initial examination, complete your repair, and send an invoice to you.
  4. Once the invoice is paid, your device is shipped back right to your doorstep!

What if you can’t fix it?

All solutions carry a “no fix = no pay” policy, which means that if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay for any labor fees.

Certain devices may be exempt based on previous history, however. See our list of requirements and exemptions below.

What sort of warranty do you offer?

Lifetime Limited Warranty, unless otherwise specified. Void if there is evidence of unauthorized entry to the device, evidence of tampering or modifying the device, or evidence of physical damage (including but not limited to liquid damage). Software issues are not covered under warranty. Please don’t forget to provide any passcodes — devices must be able to be unlocked for the warranty to apply.

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