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Hello Everyone!

A little history on our amazing company. We were founded in 2011 by Shawn Blair & Amanda Blair. Shawn has been tinkering with electronics since he was 5 years old and has a passion like no other for technologies. At just 5 years old Shawn would take apart toy remote cars and wire mini speakers to it so he could have a sound system on his cars when he drove them. When Shawn turned 18 years old he started offering Xbox modification services and soon after that his business took off. Years later he is working as the lead electronics engineer for our company. His dream is to build a empire that he can leave his kids with one day and make a impact on every customer that he helps. 

We are to this day working on every Cell phone, Game system and computer that comes in the door and gets mailed in. We are known for using only the best parts in the industry and offering a one of a kind Life time Warranty on defects. We are now bringing in over half a million a year in sales and repairs with only a 2 man team. Every year the company gets bigger and better and is able to offer the customer a better price then any other repair store that can be found. 


4 Videos

8+ No Display


iPhone XR No Display


iPhone 11 Pro Max no service


Xbox X No display

  • iPhone phone repairs

    We offer repairs from 5 thru 13 Pro Max

  • Android phone repairs

    We repair any and all Androids

  • Computer repairs

    We repair all computers on the market at this time

  • Tablet repairs

    We repair and and all tablet issues. Keep in mind some tablets may not be worth the cost to repair

  • Misc Electronics

    With our company having an electronics engineer on staff we can tackle mostly all electronic circuit boards

  • Tv & Sound system repairs

    At this time we do not offer repairs on these items

  • Data Recovery

    We offer competitive pricing on most all data recovery electronics. this excludes computer hard drives

Shawn Blair

Lead Electronics Engineer
Shawn has been repairing electronics since 2011 when he first began tinkering with Xbox units.

Amanda Blair

Co Owner
Amanda has been in the field of IT and management since 2011. She is a devoted mother and owner.




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