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Micro Soldering Services in Indiana

Geekin' Around LLC #1 In Indiana has lifetime warranties only use the best products Cant be beaten on price loves their customers!

**Who We Are**

Welcome to the heart of innovation and dedication – the home where technology meets expertise and passion fuels every repair. At Geekin’ Around LLC, we’re not just a company; we’re a dynamic duo of dreamers and doers, founded in 2011 by the visionary minds of Shawn and Amanda Blair.

Shawn Blair, our lead electronics engineer, isn’t just any tech enthusiast; his journey began at the tender age of 5, when he would ingeniously rig his toy cars with miniature sound systems, much to the marvel of his peers. This childhood fascination with electronics evolved into a professional craft by the age of 18, when Shawn began offering Xbox modification services. From these early sparks of innovation, Shawn’s vision has now manifested into an empire with an unwavering mission: to leave an indelible mark on the industry and on every customer we have the pleasure of serving.

Together, Shawn and Amanda have cultivated a space where technological troubles find tailored solutions. Specializing in cell phones, game systems, and computers, our doors are always open for in-person fixes or mail-in miracles. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, we proudly use the finest parts available and stand behind our work with an unparalleled lifetime warranty on defects.

Our compact yet powerhouse team generates over half a million dollars in annual sales and repairs, reflecting the trust and satisfaction of our customers. With each passing year, we scale new heights, expand our capabilities, and present you with unbeatable prices that outshine any other repair store you’ll find.

At Geekin’ Around LLC, we’re more than a service – we’re a promise of quality, a legacy in the making, and your ultimate ally in the world of electronics. Welcome to our empire, where every customer is king and every repair is a testament to our dream of excellence.

  • iPhone phone repairs

    We offer repairs from 5 thru 13 Pro Max

  • Android phone repairs

    We repair any and all Androids

  • Computer repairs

    We repair all computers on the market at this time

  • Tablet repairs

    We repair and and all tablet issues. Keep in mind some tablets may not be worth the cost to repair

  • Misc Electronics

    With our company having an electronics engineer on staff we can tackle mostly all electronic circuit boards

  • Tv & Sound system repairs

    At this time we do not offer repairs on these items

  • Data Recovery

    We offer competitive pricing on most all data recovery electronics. this excludes computer hard drives

Microsoldering Indiana