About our Business

A family ran business in Anderson, IN

Microsoldering on Iphone X

What we really do?

We are the top microsoldering experts in all of Indiana. Here at Geekin’ Around LLC we offer a variety of products and services.

What can our customers buy? various laptops, Apple iphones, tablets. Why buy from Geekin Around LLC? All our items come with a inspection performed and a 6 Month Warranty. What do we offer? We have a wide variety of things we offer, Just a few examples are device repairs, consultation services, and microsoldering.

The main products that we repair are Apple Iphones, Macbook and any other electronic.

We are the top Microsoldering experts in all of Indiana.


Our Vision

What is Our vision for the future of the company? It is to keep up excellence in all customer interactions and continue providing the best products and services available. What is our future? We expect much growth and expansion in our services in the future.

History of Beginning

The company comes from humble beginnings. The owner, Shawn Blair, started this company out of his home with nothing but a laptop, a few tools, and a lot of determination. He started by providing repairs for game systems and personal computers.

He had a very high success rate for both his repairs and customer satisfaction. From there, as Shawn worked diligently to build his skill set, the business quickly branched out to tablets, phones, and other I.T. services.

What can we do for you ?

What to know something about us? Geekin’ Around LLC focuses our passion for technology on providing excellent customer care and expert I.T. services at competitive pricing. What sets us apart from other businesses is, We strive to provide every customer with the highest quality products and services, from the simplest software install to the most complicated microsoldering job.

We are the leader in Indiana for screen replacements for all models of phones. We beat the competitors pricing and quality by a long shot. Most of these local stores will use cheap products directly from china to cut down on their cost but, not us! We only want to provide the best to our customers.

We offer the highest possible quality of product available on the market. If you are not happy with your purchase or service we will make it right

With us being a focused customer service center we make sure that you have little to no downtime waiting on your item. Once your item is purchase and or repaired we ship the same day

If customer service contact us at info@Blairstech.com or give us a call at 833-286-4276

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