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#1 Rated Phone & Device Protection Stop getting ripped off by other protection providers and warranties. Any devices covered, new or used Easy & fast same-day repairs Unlimited claims Electronic claims payouts Top-rated customer support

Your AKKO Plan covers just about any everyday personal item, from electronics to clothes to sports gear and much more. Select one (1) phone + any 25 of your eligible belongings to load into your AKKO account for protection. You can swap items in and out of your AKKO plan whenever you’d like!


Phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, desktop computers, monitors, etc.

Photography & Video Equipment

Cameras, lenses, accessories, tripods, gimbals, etc.

Audio & Music Gear

Speakers, electronic music instruments, DJ equipment, headphones, musical instruments, etc.


Video game consoles, controllers, peripherals, VR, etc.

Personal Transportation (Non-Motorized)

Bikes, scooters, skateboards, unicycles 

Sports & Recreational Gear

Skis, snowboards, surfboards, golf clubs, tennis rackets, camping/climbing equipment, etc.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothes, jackets, shoes, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, etc.


Blenders, coffee makers, microwaves and other appliances, including those pre-furnished in dorms/apartments/homes you’re living in

School Supplies

Textbooks, backpacks, calculators, etc.

NOTE: All plans are per individual and will only cover items owned by the planholder. Plans cannot be shared with family or friends.

Adult and Student Plan accounts protect a maximum of one (1) phone. To cover additional phones, purchase additional adult or student plans. There are no quantity limits for other personal electronics and eligible items you want to add to your account.

Multiple plans may be purchased at a discount with billing bundled together!

What items are NOT covered by an AKKO Plan?

We do not cover furniture, automobile, motorcycle, boat, motor, aircraft or aircraft parts (including drones) or any type of motorized land vehicle or other conveyances or their accessories (including car stereos, GPS navigation devices, keyless entry), money in currency or coin, evidences of debt, letters of credit, passport documents, notes, securities, transportation tickets or any other tickets, pharmaceuticals, prescription or over- the- counter, artwork, professional or amateur, antiques or collectables, animals, firearms or ammunition, salesman samples, contact lenses, keys, artificial teeth or limbs, or merchandise for sale, forms of identification, including student ID’s and driver’s licenses.

  1. Reimbursement for jewelry, watches, rings, and other items consisting of gold, silver, or platinum or furs is limited to $1,000.00 for any one incident of loss.

  2. Reimbursement for bicycles is limited to $1,000.

  3. Property in a personally owned automobile is protected, provided that the vehicle was locked and windows are fully closed at the time of theft and there was visible evidence of forced entry into the vehicle.

  4. Surfboards are protected for theft and damage due to mishandling on airlines, accidental damage from non-airline transportation or use/handling not included.

  5. Appliances: only counter-top appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, toasters, or microwaves are protected. Appliances which are wall mounted or integrated into cabinetry or have any types of utility hookups such as gas or water are not covered.

The deductibles for phones on our phone-only protection plans or our “Everything Protected” AKKO Plan range from $29 – $99 per claim based on the phone’s model. $99 is also the max deductible even for theft or total replacement claims – less than half as much as most other protection providers!

Click here to view the deductibles for repairs/replacements on your specific phone make/model.

If you have one of our “Everything Protected” AKKO Plans, which protect one (1) phone + 25 other items, all other items besides your phone are subject to a $99 deductible ($49 for students) for any incident of accidental damage or theft.

This amount that is “deducted” from any reimbursement payout you receive exists so that you’re still motivated to be careful with your stuff.

But with all of AKKO’s protection plans, we’ve made sure to offer easily affordable deductibles for incidents of accidental damages, breakdowns, and theft, rather than the $150 – $500 deductibles you’ll encounter with many other protection plans for phones, laptops, and other electronics and personal items.

Note: Deductibles for lost phones on annually paid AKKO Plans range from $99 – $399 based on the phone make and model. Lost phone protection is not included on phone-only plans or AKKO Plans that are paid monthly. 

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